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Parents watch an important message about poison safety.

Every household thrives to become a safe environment where children are free to grow and develop without unnecessary risk of harm. Nearly 100 children die from poisoning and more than 1 million are injured by poisonous substances. Protecting children from household poisons is more than just making children aware of chemicals and medicines and their dangers! A home safety plan must be in place, contributing to the overall protection of your children. Parents should examine their home for potential poison risks, and have a game plan to reduce or eliminate the threat of poisoning. In the event of an accidental poisoning, have procedures for children to immediately notify an adult. Emergency telephone numbers should be known by your children, including the number for Poison Control; 1-800-222-1222. Finally, do not remove labels from containers of household products. Labels have important and possibly life-saving information as to emergency first aid in the event of poisoning.